Employer Services

KingBenefits specializes in developing effective solutions for businesses and their unique HR department needs. We help ensure compliance with labor laws, foster a positive workplace culture, and enable effective talent management. Our HR support solutions ultimately contribute to the company’s success and growth as it enhances employee satisfaction and retention through industry best practices for onboarding, training, and benefits.

Streamline Your Business with Comprehensive HR Solutions

A benefits administration service is a third-party provider that helps companies manage and administer their employee benefits programs. These services can include enrollment assistance, plan management, communication with insurance providers, compliance assistance, and handling employee inquiries related to benefits.

By providing upgrades to HR technology, our clients enjoy streamlined processes for onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration. These services are crucial for modern HR departments as they increase efficiency, improve data accuracy, enhance employee experience, and enable strategic decision-making based on data insights.

It’s important for businesses to have adequate guidance on compliance strategies to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, mitigate risks of fines or lawsuits, and maintain a positive reputation. Compliance assistance also helps businesses stay updated on changing laws and industry standards, fostering a culture of integrity and trust with stakeholders.

At KingBenefits, we assist your business in ensuring compliance with state regulations, navigate complex insurance policies, and effectively manage claims and premiums. With our guidance, local businesses have optimized their coverage, reduced their costs, and received adequate support for workers’ comp.

PEOs increase the ability to handle various HR functions, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while benefiting from HR expertise and resources. PEOs can often provide access to better benefits packages, streamline administrative tasks, and help businesses navigate complex employment regulations and compliance requirements.

Save time and resources, reduce your administrative burden, ensure accuracy in payroll calculations and tax filings, and mitigate compliance risks associated with payroll regulations. Payroll services allows our clients to prioritize business operations, improve efficiency, and access specialized expertise in payroll management without the need for in-house payroll staff.

Help new hires become productive more quickly, reduce time and resources spent on training, and improve employee retention by fostering a positive initial experience. We help maximize the efficiency of onboarding and training processes which help support the growth and success of your business. 

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Impacting Efficiency & Productivity Through Full-Service Solutions

HR Portal & Information

Access resources tailored to simplify HR tasks, including onboarding, training and compliance. Customize your portal experience and efficiently navigate through essential tools and information.

Employee Management Systems

Effectively manage, retain, and engage employees. By streamlining workflows and offering a comprehensive suite of applications and resources, we help empower employers to efficiently execute HR functions.

Learning Management Systems

Utilize an extensive course catalog for continuous employee development. Track progress, ensure compliance with government training standards, and foster active engagement in learning initiatives.

Compliance Management Systems

Mitigate risks and ensure adherence to legal standards effortlessly. Simplify compliance processes by leveraging automated reports and forms for employer regulations such as the ACA and FMLA.

Simplify Your Benefits Administration

Our clients have access to Ease, a modern, easy to use Human Resource software platform that saves time, reduces errors and automates processes. Ease’s features address each phase of the employee lifecycle, including:

Paperless Onboarding

Online Benefits Enrollment

Management Reporting Tools

ACA Compliance Checks

Employee Access 24/7/365

Our Credentials

Upgrade Your Communication Strategy

Leverage TruHu, an employee communication platform custom-built for you. Keep your workforce connected, engaged and informed – from the office to the field. Employers will have their own portal to utilize comprehensive features including:

Message Employees via Text

Access Custom-Built Intranet

Deploy Microlearning Modules

Administer Simple Surveys

Gain Workforce Insights

Our Approach To Improving Your
HR Management Experience


By outsourcing HR tasks, you can spend more time on cultivating a sustainable workplace culture. Company culture acts as a valuable resource for small businesses to attract and retain top talent within their industry.


When it comes to enhancing cost-saving strategies for our clients, we excel in identifying efficient solutions. Our proactive approach involves crafting action plans aimed at managing various HR-related expenses.


Alleviate your burden of navigating complex compliance regulations. By entrusting compliance tasks to our experts, small businesses can mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and focus on driving growth and innovation.


We help HR professionals make informed decisions and improve overall workforce management. Efficient and effective communication strategies with employees are invaluable.