Communication Solutions

Having an effective communications strategy is crucial for businesses as it ensures clarity, compliance, and efficiency in conveying your message. Our solutions help foster better collaboration, engagement, and trust, which directly impacts productivity, reputation, and overall success. KingBenefits is here to provide you with solutions to your complex communication challenges.

Addressing Complexity with
Simplicity & Effectiveness

Our clients have access to TruHu, an employee communication platform custom-built for you. Keep your workforce connected, engaged and informed – from the office to the field. Employers will have their own portal to utilize alongside a custom dashboard for their employees. 

Transform Your Communication
Challenges Into Opportunities

Secure System Without the Need for Downloads/Logins

Time-Saving Features & Expertise Provided

Highly Customizable for Various Purposes

Maximize Your Business's Potential & Minimize HR Headaches Today.

Implement A Game-Changing
Communication Solution

Access Anywhere

Deliver a truly human experience with comms to employees’
phones, laptops or tablets – anytime, anywhere.

Easy to Learn & Use

TruHu’s simple, intuitive publishing allows you and your
accounts to launch communications in minutes.

Multilingual Friendly

Reach all employees in dozens of languages with
communications and trainings right to their smartphones.

No Passwords. No Apps.

With text and a web-based intranet, there is nothing for
employees to download or memorize.

Measurement & Tracking

Know who viewed content, completed assignments and
maintain compliance. Helps with indemnification and legal negotiations.

Personalization & Segmentation

Send employees only what they need to know. Segment
communications based on their location, role, language or department.

Get Information Anywhere

No more calls or chasing employees with a clipboard.
Employees complete forms, checklists and more – right from their phone.
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A New Approach to
Employee Engagement


Connect with team members via text or email. Precision targeting and tracking remove the guesswork. Set it and forget it. Wave goodbye to chasing down responses and spend more time making an impact.


Introduce a portal built for accessibility. No downloads or passwords needed. Zero-setup makes it easy for team members to get what they need, reducing inquiries that disrupt results.


Deploy learning in a "common sense" way. Deliver any content with micro quizzes that are quick to create and more likely to be completed. Reduce cost to train for you and your team members.


Collect feedback from your teams in the most accurate way when sent via text and email. Pair survey data with platform engagement to unlock profound insights. Eliminate the guesswork or time taking analysis.


Robust tracking and reporting position you in the driver’s seat to make smart decisions and steer accountability. Utilization is automatically archived to be used proactively or to prevent costly oversights.