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5 Bulletproof Ways to Complete New Year’s Resolutions

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Year after year, we decide to implement change and somewhere along the road to achieving our goals, we lose our way. Whether your object is to travel more, lose weight, save money or ditch a bad habit, you need to implement a series of support systems and strategies to guide you. To help you see your resolutions through, we have …

Admin5 Bulletproof Ways to Complete New Year’s Resolutions

5 Ways to Support a Caregiver

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Caregivers of all kinds are faced with many duties. Being a caregiver is a position that can take emotional, mental, and bodily strength in addition to financial, physical, and logistical concerns. Friends and family members who know caregivers often want to help, but providing help can seem confusing and intrusive. Providing support for a caregiver is crucial to helping them …

Admin5 Ways to Support a Caregiver
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How to Quit Smoking This Year

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One of the most popular resolutions people make at the start of a new year is to quit smoking. Many people find quitting smoking difficult — only about 4 to 7 % of people are able to quit smoking on any given attempt without any help. Many people try to stop on their own, but using some kind of assistance …

AdminHow to Quit Smoking This Year

Becoming a Caregiver: What to Expect

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Agreeing to care for a loved one can bring about a variety of changes in your life. In what seems like an instant, your priorities, schedule, and future plans can become almost unrecognizable to you. However, with support and planning, you can take care of your loved one as well as yourself. During these trying times, it is also important …

AdminBecoming a Caregiver: What to Expect
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15 Tips for the Best Open Enrollment Ever

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Open enrollment gives you the chance to get needed benefits, but the process can often seem daunting and confusing. What can make the whole process more intimidating is weighing additional services, such as health and flexible spending accounts, dental or vision insurance, and retirement options. Here are some points to consider (and some pitfalls to avoid) to make the most …

Admin15 Tips for the Best Open Enrollment Ever

Medicare Open Enrollment

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For those counting on Medicare benefits, it’s important to understand the Medicare open enrollment process and what to expect in terms of enrollment dates, available plans, and premiums. Available plans may change from year to year, and this once-a-year opportunity to choose your plan can affect the doctors and care options you have available to you. Medicare Defined Initial and …

AdminMedicare Open Enrollment

Your Open Enrollment Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Every year during the open enrollment period, millions of Americans seek out new insurance policies. Since we’re currently in the middle of open enrollment, you might be considering switching up your insurance coverage. Here are the basics on everything you need to know about open enrollment. Share This Infographic On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br …

AdminYour Open Enrollment Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Avoid These 5 Common Open Enrollment Mistakes

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Throughout the U.S., the fall season introduces the arrival of the open enrollment period — a period where employers and health insurers allow policyholders to change their coverage, or enroll in new plans, without the need for a qualifying life event (such as a marriage, or the birth of a new child). This occurrence provides employees with a valuable opportunity …

AdminAvoid These 5 Common Open Enrollment Mistakes