Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance for Individuals

If you or an aging loved one requires long term care, it can cost $40,000 to $100,000 per year or more. Spending that kind of money out of pocket can quickly bankrupt a family, and you may not be able to afford all of the care you need. Medicare does not cover most long term care costs, and Medicaid will not pay for costs until most assets have been exhausted. Even then, all expenses are not covered.
This is where individual long term care insurance comes in.

The Importance of Long Term Care Insurance Plans

Long term care insurance ensures that your day-to-day care is paid for when you or an aging loved one needs extra assistance. This coverage pays for skilled nursing care, an assisted living facility, and other costs associated with disabled or elderly policyholders who can no longer live independently.
Many people do not consider how they will pay these costs until it is too late. Looking for a policy long before you need it is the best way to ensure you have the coverage later in life.

Find San Diego Long Term Care Insurance With William J. King & Associates

William J. King & Associates is dedicated to helping individuals get the long term care insurance they need. Our staff takes prides in offering our clients the best service in the insurance industry. Since 1972, we have paired extensive industry knowledge with a wide variety of long term care insurance options for individuals. We work with you to put together a personalized plan based on your needs.