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Death is not something that we Americans generally like to think about. However, it is an important topic to consider in terms of our loved ones and how our passing could affect their lives. Be proactive and learn more about your life insurance options. Take a look at the following plan types:

  • Permanent- offers lifetime protection
  • Term- offers protection for a specified period of time

Benefits of Offering Small Business Group Life Insurance Plans

Offering group permanent life insurance plans allows your employees to take the necessary steps to ensure that their loved ones are well-provided for after they are gone. Consider these benefits that come with offering life insurance to your employees:

  • Supports your employee’s beneficiaries
  • Important to employees who work in a potentially dangerous environment
  • Gives your employees both piece of mind and personal empowerment
  • Helps you retain talented workers

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William J. King & Associates is dedicated to helping you choose the best life insurance plan for your business. We have access to the most high-quality life insurance plans and take time to help our clients understand their best options. Whether a highly affordable term plan or an expansive and customizable permanent plan, we will assess your specific needs and identify the right option for you while you focus on running your business.