Group Dental

Small Business Group Dental Insurance

Dental insurance complements any group health plan, ensuring your employees’ access to good oral hygiene and general personal health. However, finding the right carriers and creating the best group dental insurance plans while staying within budget can be a big struggle, causing small businesses to reduce dental coverage for their employees or omit it altogether.

Benefits of Offering Dental Insurance for Small Business Owners

Not only do regular checkups help to detect and prevent cavities and infection, but they also uncover more serious issues, including diabetes and oral cancer. Employers who offer dental insurance allow their teams to:

  • Maintain regular dental visits
  • Avoid more costly situations in the future
  • Increase morale and overall workplace satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism

Why Choose William J. King & Associates for San Diego Group Dental Insurance Plans?

William J. King & Associates is dedicated to educating and helping business owners find group dental plans that match their needs at the best price. We have access to every high-quality insurance provider on the market—even proprietary carriers and plans not available to other agencies. Take the stress out of finding the right dental coverage so that you can focus on running your business.