Santee Insurance Services

King Benefits is the top brokerage firm serving the Santee community. We arrived in 1972 and since then both businesses and residents of San Diego County have enjoyed our exceptional benefit and insurance services. Often times, the insurance process is long, pricey, and tedious. That’s not the case with King Benefits.  As your local Santee insurance agency, it’s our goal to make sure your coverage process is simple and extensive. We offer amenities such as legislative information, underwriting assistance, plan updates, and online access to your specific coverage. We offer our customers the best service at the lowest price possible.

Santee Insurance for Individuals

Individuals seeking private coverage receive a specific set of options and services. We’ll work with you closely to find what insurance options are available to you, direct you to the best decision for your specific situation, and ensure you get enrolled. Our individual insurance services include health, life, dental, and vision, and we also offer disability insurance, Medicare advantage, and long term care. If you’re looking for some extra guidance on a variety of interesting insurance subjects, check out our blog.

Santee for Businesses

Do you need an insurance plan to cover a group or business? We have you covered. We’ll be sure to find the insurance options that would benefit the needs of your organization the most. Our services include group dental, medical, vision, and life insurance. In addition, we also provide short-term disability, human resource management, 401(k), payroll processing, and retirement.


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