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HR Compliance Checklist

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Human Resources are an essential part of any business, and maintaining compliance with state law is a critical part of the duties upheld by this department. An HR compliance checklist can help the HR department cover all of its bases and consistently maintain adherence to all standard practices required by California state law. The following checklist can be used to help ensure that your business has covered all required information that must be provided to employees, as well as implemented the company policies and procedures necessary to remain compliant with California state laws.

Recruiting and Hiring

This section covers forms and other materials applicable to the recruiting and hiring process. The following information should be provided to each employee during this process.

☐ Information on the following:

     ☐ California Discrimination Guidelines

     ☐ Cal-COBRA

     ☐ California Family Rights Act

     ☐ Cal-OSHA

     ☐ Domestic Violence, Pregnancy Disability, and Rehabilitation Leave

     ☐ School Visitation

     ☐ Child Labor Laws

     ☐ Employee Polygraph Protection Act

     ☐ Fair Credit Reporting Act

☐ W-4 or DE 4 Form

☐ W-2 or 1099 Form

☐ Earned Income Tax Credit Notice

☐ I-9 Form

☐ Direct Deposit Authorization Form

☐ Benefit Enrollment Forms

☐ Illness and Injury Prevention Program Form

☐ At-will Employment Acknowledgement Form

☐ Employment Eligibility and Work Authorization

Additional forms, if applicable:

☐ Drug and Alcohol Screening Consent Form

☐ Signed Employment Contract

☐ Signed Commission Agreement

Employment Policies and Pay Practices

This section covers employment policies, benefits, and state and federal employment laws. Information on the following topics should be kept up-to-date and on file, and provided to each employee via employee handbook or other appropriate media.

☐ Employee Classification

☐ Personal and Family Relationships

☐ Background and Reference Checks

☐ Access to Personnel and Payroll Records

☐ Personal Data Changes

☐ Standards of Conduct

☐ Confidential Company Information

☐ Personal Appearance and Grooming

☐ Attendance and Punctuality

☐ Personal Electronic Devices and Personal Calls

☐ Contact with the Media

☐ Conflicts of Interest

☐ Outside Employment

☐ Holidays, Vacation, and Paid Sick Time

☐ Personal, Family, Bereavement, Medical, Bone Marrow, Organ Donor, Military, Family Military, Emergency Responder, Jury Duty, Witness, School, School Discipline, Day Care Activities, Crime Victim, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Victim, and Court Proceedings for Serious Crimes Leave

☐ Pregnancy and Pregnancy Related Disabilities Leave and Accommodation

☐ Payment of Wages

☐ Performance Reviews

☐ Meal and Rest Breaks

☐ Work Schedules

☐ Lactation Accommodation

☐ Timekeeping

☐ Overtime and On-Call Pay

☐ Business Travel and Reimbursement

☐ Medical and Dental Insurance

☐ Flexible Spending Accounts

☐ Life and Family Leave Insurance, if applicable

☐ Disability and Retirement Benefits

☐ Workers’ Compensation

☐ Employee Assistance Program

☐ Educational Assistance Programs

☐ Separation from Employment

☐ Return of Company Property

☐ Equal Employment Opportunity

☐ Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment

☐ Disability and Religious Accommodation

☐ Accommodation for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking

☐ Accommodation for Adult Literacy Programs

☐ Accommodation for Drug or Alcohol Treatment or Rehabilitation

☐ Workplace Violence and Weapons in the Workplace

☐ Workplace Bullying

☐ Work-Related Injuries or Illnesses

☐ Health and Safety

☐ Emergency Evacuation

☐ Drug-Free/ Smoke-Free Workplace

☐ Company’s Right to Search, Cameras, and Video Surveillance

☐ Use of Company Equipment and Resources

☐ Cell Phone Use

☐ Visitors

☐ Inclement Weather

☐ Driving for Company Business

☐ No Solicitation/Distribution of Literature

Workplace Safety and Security, Notices, and Posters

This section covers all safety and security policies, notices, and posters to be available, disseminated, or posted within the business.

☐ Disability Insurance Provisions Brochure, DE 2515

☐ Family Rights Act Notice

☐ Notice to Employee, Labor Code Section 2810.5

☐ Paid Family Leave Brochure, DE 2511

☐ Pregnancy Disability Leave Notice

☐ Notice to Employees, DE 35

☐ Sexual Harassment Brochure

☐ DFEH 185

☐ Time of Hire Pamphlet

Posters to be posted and visible by employees:

☐ California Family Rights Act

☐ California Access to Medical and Exposure Records

☐ California Minimum Wage Order

☐ California Paid Sick Leave

☐ California Discrimination and Harassment in Employment Are Prohibited by Law

☐ California Emergency Phone Numbers

☐ California Human Tra­cking, if applicable

☐ California Notice to Employees – Injuries Caused by Work

☐ California Payday Notice

☐ California Unemployment Insurance

☐ California Pregnancy Disability Leave Notice

☐ California Whistleblower Protections

☐ California Safety and Health Protection on the Job

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